Friday, 21 May 2010

Meeting Mark Beaumont.

On Wednesday 28th April I was lucky enough to go and meet one of my hero's. Mark Beaumont cycled the world, over 18,000 miles in 194 days, 17 hours. Beating the existing record by a massive 81 days! Then, just a few months ago, he cycled over 13,000 miles from Alaska to Southern Argentina in 268 days. The entire length of the Americas, including climbing the two highest mountains on each continent (Mount McKinly & Mount Aconcagua).

I've been following Mark's adventures since he began in 2007 and although he doesn't agree, he really is a hero to me! Such an inspiring man and a legend in my eyes.

When I met Mark I was surprised how tall he was to start with. People always look taller on TV so I don't know how that happened! Anyway, he is a really nice guy and after handing me a signed copy of his book I got some fantastic advice on how to stay motivated. "Just keep the wheels turning. Keep the wheels turning and you'll soon be a little closer to your goal. The worst thing you can do in your darkest moments is to pause to gather your thoughts. real momentum is built during those moments when despite everything, and against all odds, you keep the wheels moving. Each turn of that wheel is taking you a step closer to your goal."

Fantastic! To find out more about Mark Beaumont, click this link

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