Friday, 14 May 2010

Breaking In The New Bike

I've been waiting for the weather to warm up just a bit so that I can take the new bike for it's maiden trip. It was great to get my old gear back on and despite the threatening shower clouds I set out to break the bike in gently. A steady 30 mile round trip later and I'm really impressed with it. The picture is of a village called Barnburgh, near Doncaster. Very hilly and a chance to get just over 40mph out of the bike. It's always a bit nervy getting the bike up to such speeds when it's new. What if one of the wheels isn't fastened on tight enough? What if the frame is faulty and the bike breaks up at 40mph? Anyway, it's all fine. I need to make some adjustments to saddle and handlebar height and I need to replace my pedals but apart from that it's fab! After the adjustments I'll start proper outdoor training with some 100 mile runs.

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