Monday, 27 July 2009

Sponsorship & Event Timetable Update

I've started distributing sponsor forms this week and have a target of £1000.00 for this event. If I don't manage to get you to sponsor me, please donate online at (clicking the 'Donate' button). Don't forget that all the money raised goes straight to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Because I'm doing the ride unaided with no support, I'm planning the event around the weather. Even in summer, night time temperatures over the tops of the Pennines have been known to drop as low as 4C and summer storms can deposit as much as 75mm (3 inches) of rain. To ensure my own safety, and to avoid overly muddy conditions on the towpath, I need a few days of dry, breezy, warm weather followed by at least 3 or 4 days of at least dry weather.
I've been keeping a close eye on the Met Office forecasts and confidence is high that conditions will start to improve towards the end of the first week in August with high pressure building to the north by the middle of August. (keep your fingers crossed!).

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Training Update

It's been about a month since I started training and all is well (so far!). The bike is wearing in well and going in for it's first service next week. I've adapted to the bike really well and it is more comfortable that I had expected it to be.

At the moment I'm doing about 150 miles per week between road, off road and gym biking. I know this is a lot less than the 254 miles in four days but my training is concentrated on interval training and spinning. Interval training involves short bursts of rapid cycling followed by intervals of slower, rested spins. Spinning sessions are where I cycle continuously for 30 to 45 minutes without rest at a moderate speed.

I am starting the next level of training this week which involves cycling with my full backpack. It's strange because the weight of the backpack changes my balance on the saddle and i need to adapt to the extra weight. This is why I have been building my core muscles in the gym to make sure I don't put too much pressure on my back and shoulders, which may not be used to the extra weight.