Saturday, 22 May 2010


The hottest day of the year so far. 28 degrees, no wind and a blazing sun. Perfect weather to punish myself with a 50 mile training ride! I got my two bottles full of water, my double Snickers tucked away somewhere cool (Ha!) and my very skimpy favourite 'Fox' cycling jersey on. Today's training ride challenge was to cross into all four counties of Yorkshire. I started off where I live in West Yorkshire heading south towards Sheffield. That's South Yorkshire sorted... then across, heading east towards Doncaster before going north toward Selby and East Yorkshire.
I took a break at the 20 mile mark and licked the melted Snickers bar from the wrapper and downed 500ml of my water in about 3 gulps. Break over, time to go west and cross the border for a few minutes just outside Womersley into North Yorkshire. Phew! Pontefract was only 3 miles away before heading home through Ackworth.
50 Miles , just under 3000 calories and an average speed of 15.7mph. Perfect!

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