Friday, 21 May 2010

Hot Hot HOT!!!

Don't let the picture fool you. I chose this one on purpose. The Cusworth Cycle Trail takes in some breathtaking scenery of South Yorkshire, including the Dearne Valley. It winds its way through many fields, woods and quiet villages and makes for a perfect bike ride. I use various parts of the 15 mile route as part of my training. Cycling at speed through on narrow tracks through the woods is great for building co-ordination and balance. There are some great hills as you follow the valley up and down, great for hill training with the heavy mountain bike! The woods are the best place for training in the current mini-heatwave we're experiencing. Nice and cool, out of the sun but full of insects. I must have eaten literally hundreds of flies and other flying thingys!!! Oh well, it's protein I suppose. I'm getting my new cycle shoes in the morning so hopefully I can push myself and get a hard days cycling in the heat out on the busy roads.

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