Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Back In Training

I can't believe it's been two months since the bike ride! I've still got two dark shaded scars on my backside from the sores, but they don't hurt anymore... thank god!

So, I'm back in training and i'm moving the goalposts a bit. In my last post I set a target of 21 and a half hours for the next return trip in June next year. Well... since I got a new trainer I've been doing better than expected and I'm now looking to complete the whole 255 mile return trip in under 20 hours!

Of course I'll need a new bike to do it, that's the excuse anyway! I'll be dumping the backpack this time and losing all but the bare essentials. Last time, I was carrying just over 100kg made up of me (75kg), the bike (18kg), my backpack (11kg) and water (2kg). I am confident that I can get the over weight down to just over 85kg. A saving of about 25kg on last time.