Saturday, 5 June 2010

Chest Infection Be Gone!

At last! It's been the longest I've ever had something like a chest infection. Ten days and I'm finally starting, only starting mind, to stop coughing, (although I'm coughing something up as I write this!). So bollocks to the infection and back to some training. A steady ten miles or so today after a similar ride yesterday that tired me out. (Too much too soon and all that).

I took Scott, my mountain bike, out to my favourite trails through Hooton Pagnell, Brodsworth and Hickleton. I've attached a map of the area and highlighted the trails in white. You can see just how beautiful this area is from the aerial shot. This is my favorite time of year to bike through the woods and fields. The smells and colours are amazing! Wild garlic at the moment fills one of the woods while another is blanketed in Bluebells. Although the three villages are only a mile apart, the trails can go on for about ten miles.
Crazy thing happened this morning. One of the forests smelled like an old teacher of mine from junior school. How random is that? He wasn't there but it brought back memories of Mr Hepworth and his strangely large nose. ha ha! Well, I've got three more days of anti-biotics and then I can resume proper training. Bring on the rain!!!

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