Friday, 16 April 2010

Change Of Plan!

Two years ago, I planned to cycle from Land's End to John O' Groats. After 3 months of training I had to cancel the event due to a knee injury. Last year I completed a return trip of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, setting a record of just over 22 and a half hours. I was planning to try and beat that record this year but I've changed the challenge!
After a lot of training and investigations into what caused my knee injury, I am now really confident that I can complete the 1000 mile ride. One of the main reasons my knee reacted so badly was to do with the type of bike I was training on. I've always been ok with mountain bikes but not with road bikes (racing type bikes). I've decided to use a Hybrid bike for the event. This has the streamlined wheels and design of a road bike but the handlebars are designed more like a mountain bike and is more comfortable to ride. The leg distance for pedalling is also shorter, which means my knees won't get so sore.
I'm hoping to do the ride in July or August depending on my training and weather conditions. So check back for regular progress reports on the planning and training.

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